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Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP)

The goal of the EDP programme is to bolster a culture of entrepreneurship in Nigeria. Small and medium sized businesses are the engine of economic development in all countries. Micro, small and medium sized businesses make up over 90% of Nigeria’s economy. However, many of these enterprises lack the requisite skills to operate, manage and sustain businesses. Research has proven that training, learning and mentoring improves entrepreneurs’ ability to operate their businesses successfully.

Career Development For Youth (CDY)

The CDY is focused on enhancing youth employability in Nigeria. CDY partners with recruiters/employers to link job seekers with appropriate opportunities. The programme works with young people between the ages of 15-25 and provides them with information, skills, connections and mentors to successfully navigate competitive work environments.


Education Support Innovations Programme (ESIP) 

The quality of public education at the primary and secondary levels in Nigeria has suffered from lack of adequate investments in infrastructure, poor training of teachers and outdated pedagogical tools to make learning engaging and prepare children for the competitive global environment. This situation places Nigerian children at a disadvantaged position in comparison to their peers globally, where technology and innovations have transformed the way children learn.

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