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Education Support Innovations Programme (ESIP) 

The quality of public education at the primary and secondary levels in Nigeria has suffered from lack of adequate investments in infrastructure, poor training of teachers and outdated pedagogical tools to make learning engaging and prepare children for the competitive global environment. This situation places Nigerian children at a disadvantaged position in comparison to their peers globally, where technology and innovations have transformed the way children learn. FISD’s Education Support Innovations Programme (ESIP) focuses on using innovative ideas to improve the standards of education in primary and secondary public schools. ESIP does not aim to re-invent the wheel but to introduce new ideas and initiatives that will make learning more conducive, engaging and productive. ESIP’s project targets teachers and learners through action-oriented activities:


The Teacher Tech Boot Camp is an annual training “camp” for teachers from public schools to equip them with practical technology-based tools and skills that will improve pedagogy. The boot camp will provide teachers with the following skills:

  • Training in Power Point Presentation
  • Internet use for sourcing academic information
  • Online grading
  • Blogging, e-mailing and tweeting assignments, among other things.

The boot camp will be implemented in collaboration with Information Technology organisations.


Project “Sit and Learn” is a continuing project launched in response to the need to create conducive learning environments for primary and secondary schools in Nigeria. ESIP has also launched the 1 million children “Sit and Learn” campaign to provide chairs and desks for 1 million students of public schools in underprivileged communities in Nigeria by year 2021. It is to address the absence of adequate learning equipment in schools, including chairs and desks.

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