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The goal of the EDP programme is to bolster a culture of entrepreneurship in Nigeria. Small and medium sized businesses are the engine of economic development in all countries. Micro, small and medium sized businesses make up over 90% of Nigeria’s economy. However, many of these enterprises lack the requisite skills to operate, manage and sustain businesses. Research has proven that training, learning and mentoring improves entrepreneurs’ ability to operate their businesses successfully. FISD’s EDP offers Diploma Courses that allow beneciaries earn a professional qualication as the simultaneously acquire knowledge and skills to grow their businesses. These include:

  • Professional Diploma in Entrepreneurship

FISD has partnered with University of Lagos Consult (UNILAG CONSULT) to design a Diploma in Entrepreneurship, for aspiring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who want to master the theories and practice of entrepreneurship. The course combines a comprehensive academic curriculum with practical case studies of doing business in Nigeria. The Faculty consists of lecturers from the University of Lagos and successful entrepreneurs.

  • Women’s Business School (WBS-Lagos)

FISD in collaboration with UNILAG offers a professional Diploma for Women in Entrepreneurship (WIE Diploma) The Diploma is offered to women entrepreneurs of all sizes; micro, small, medium; interested in attaining professional certication in entrepreneurship. The WIE Diploma uniquely blends traditional theories on entrepreneurship with practical life skills that are relevant to women in the contemporary Nigerian society. Faculty at the Business School will be drawn from leading women in different sectors of the economy.

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Professional Diploma in Entrepreneurship


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