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Fountain Initiative for Social Development (FISD) is an impact driven social enterprise with a focus on instigating, developing and delivering products and services to address the social needs of underserved and under-privileged communities across Nigeria while reducing social inequalities. Since 2014, FISD progammes have impacted over 3,000 beneficiaries through its Three E impact strategy of: Employability, such as.... Education projects such as..... Empowerment opportunities for impact such as...... all through community focused development projects such as:

Work ready, Tech ready; that equips youth with fourth revolution technology skills and enhances their capacity chances of employability.

Project Sit and Learn: which provides access to quality education through the provision of chairs and desks for 1 million students in public schools across underprivileged communities in Nigeria by year 2021.

Social Sector Boot Camp: a training and career development program that expands insight and skills in understanding the trends and opportunities available in the social sector..... and so much more.

With a continuous global outlook, we continuously and consistently look outward for best practice inspiration and benchmarks to make a difference across Africa’s communities such todays International women's month celebration, established to advance women's access to wealth and help them add value to their society while balancing for better. Also, with a focus on championing the united nation development goals and supporting marginalized populations while promoting inclusion through our programs such as the Women business school, aimed at creating innovative avenues to help women businesses access local, cross-national and global markets while gaining enhanced knowledge through the provision of mentorship and all-round support.

Furthermore, FISD’s vision is of inclusive communities in Nigeria with educated, socio- economically developed and skilled populations that will contribute to the overall wellbeing of the country and the continent at large, We look forward to making a difference with you all today and encouraging the cause of advancing Africa's growth starting with its greatest economy driving resource; its women.

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